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Yellow Eye wants to see increased access and involvement for children to quality artistic performance with participation. The joy this provides from the challenge of playing and performing music is invaluable. Children build self-esteem through performance. It also provides children with insight into artistic endeavours, helping with creative thinking, exploration, coordination and communication. Performing as a group on stage gives children the opportunity to contribute to the wider community as an artist and performer.

Get children involved in Music Lessons & Performances from Touring Musicians

Our musicians provide schools with quality artistic music lessons that link in with events or festivals that run in your area. These workshops are tailored specifically to schools and are incredibly engaging for the students. The usual format is a participatory workshop lasting around an hour, followed by a 45–50-minute performance to the whole school (with electric concert equipment provided). 

Musical Shows, Workshops, Lessons & Performances available in Aotearoa

There’s a wide range of participatory shows, workshops and activities available to schools with no teacher experience required with all resources provided including online tutorials and online photocopiable music sheets. 

Open up the World of Music & Performance to our Young People

While some lessons require the children to bring their own instruments, some workshops involve showing the children how to make instruments, as musicians did in the 1950s for example. Through their unique workshops, the musicians introduce the children to different musical styles, genres, and cultures. These lessons touch on performance, creativity, musical history and help build coordination through practice and performing.

Build Confidence & Creativity through Music

Through having fun playing music, they learn a little bit more about themselves, what they can achieve and a bit about social history. These lessons with artists have already inspired thousands of school kids across New Zealand from all levels, backgrounds and ages. 

What Musicians, the Students and Schools have to say about Yellow Eye School Programmes:

Ben Collier from The Nukes says, “Sometimes, in the relationship we have with the children, you can see a tangible difference. We might turn up to a school and you get a lot of stand-offish kids, or kids that don’t have any kind of confidence in the area that we propose to teach them. To see the change happen – sometimes it is only two hours we are at school – that’s pretty gratifying.”

Thorrington School says, “All of Thorrington School went to see the Backyard Skiffle Band show. The audience were really getting into the vibe of the performance and danced along to many of the songs. Students and teachers had a great time listening to and playing some unusual instruments from the 1950s that were made and used after World War II. Overall, it was a unique way of explaining the history of music and instruments to children. It was a fun and enjoyable experience for all.”

Our musicians create engaging, fun lessons that extend children’s learning and boost their confidence. See our upcoming events to see when musicians are performing in your school area or find out more information about the artists we work with. Get in touch to find out more.